Noir || Full DVD (VamPRI Weaver)

VamPRI WeaverNoir || Full DVD
from VamPRI Weaver on 24 Nov 2014

Chris Haffey, Randy Spizer, Brandon Campbell, Alex Broskow, and Mike Leaf are profiled. Other skating from Chris Farmer, Louie Zamora, Connor O’Brien, Brandon Mateer and loads more.

Intro: Interpol – Untitled
Chirs Haffey: Portishead – Strangers
Mike Leaf 1: Ball Slap From RK
Mike Leaf 2: Instrumentals
Roadhouse (Randy Spizer): Black Sabbath – Sabbra Cadabra
Montage: Division of Laura Lee – Trapped In
Alex Broskow: Smashing Pumpkins – Everlasting Gaze
Brandon Campbell Intro: Van Morrison – Sweet Thing
Brandon Campbell: Radiohead – Idioteque(live on snl)
Barn Burner: Pretty Girls Make Graves – Ghosts In The Radio
USD Road Trip: The Trail of Dead – Another Morning Stoner
Credits: The Shins – When You Notice the Stripes
Unknown: Pete Wingfield – 18 With a Bullet
Unknown: Necro – Freestyle
Noir Trailer: The Faint – Cars Pass in Cold Blood


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