from BFTV Canada on 7 Nov 2014

DDSS, King of the dot GZ(champion)vs. NUSINCE (challenger)
Biggest freestyle competition in Canada Vancouver BC .Two of the best in the rap battle league go head to head in an epic freestyle battle to see who really can be called the best. Judged by Emotionz , Junk NWD, G BOX and all of VANCITY .The two rappers both have a large following in the rap battle scene and fans all over Canada . DDSS battle rapper vs Nusince who does shows for big name artist as well battles . These two MC’s spit non written bars off the dome to see who can really be called king of the freestyle art of rap. This is non written unlike king of the dot (KOTD) where its a written league. , you have to improvise off the of your head to clown your opponent. DDSS is Ina crew called BLUNT FORCE, NUSINCE is part of the Canada wide rap group called LEGENDARY HAMMERS Lets watch and see who takes it home!!!!!!!

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