OLD vs NEW // Roces Impala 62 and Sola frames (Thisissoul)

ThisissoulOLD vs NEW // Roces Impala 62 and Sola frames
from Thisissoul on 28 Apr 2019

In this video I explore the differences and the similarities of the Sola Street frames from 2018 and the Roces Impala 62 frames.

My friend Sjoerd walked in with this beautiful pair of Roces Impala skates. The frames on these skates are super simulair to the current Sola frames.

I noticed the frames on this edition had a different raised part in the back. The cup can be taken off to make this frame UFS! This means it would fit any modern aggressive inline skate.

Our industry is going full circle on the technology. There are so many things coming back that have already been made before. This does not mean the products are not great, it just means they are different.

For example: The USD Aeon skate has a unibody design. This means the frame, soulplate and shell are one piece of plastic.
Back in the 90’s the Roces 5th Element and the K2 Fatty both already had an integrated soulplate and frame. In the 00’s all skates were made with more and more replaceable parts. Frames, soulplates and even backslideplates had to be replaceable. Now with the release of the Aeon our industry had made a full circle.

Skates with replaceable parts are great because of their options.
Skates made from less parts are great because of how strong they are.

With some of these things there might not be a right or wrong, just different.

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