OWC Dominic Bruce – DB6292 Pro Model (https://www.wheelscene.co.uk)

OWC Dominic Bruce – DB6292 Pro Model
from https://www.wheelscene.co.uk on 21 Sep 2021

Orange Wheel Company have awarded Dominic Bruce a second pro wheel, and both the wheel and promo are out now. The Scotsman was recently visited by teammate Martin Danning and the pair got busy over the course of a week in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am genuinely surprised there are any spots left to conquer after his exceptional performance in 5th Floor that consisted of a bunch of excellent random clips and a massive section that challenged what is possible on skates. The question is – will another brand pick him up now that he has parted ways with Razors? Watch more videos of Dominic Bruce HERE. Watch our podcast with Dominic Bruce HERE.

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