The Secret Skatepark (Rampworx Skatepark)

Rampworx SkateparkThe Secret Skatepark
from Rampworx Skatepark on 20 Oct 2018

Insane rollerblading session with Rampworx Pro Ste Swain in our Secret Skatepark!?


We have the biggest scooter and skate shop in the UK based in Liverpool. Everything you need to get up and riding can be found on our website with Next Day delivery available on everything. Check it out.

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Rampworx Skatepark
1-3 Leckwith Road, Bootle, Liverpool, L306UE, UK
Phone: +44 (0)151 530 1500



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Day1091/Oct20/2018 (Kazu)

from Kazu on 20 Oct 2018

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Patinando na Chuva – Vlogs do Zamba #40 (Felipe Zambardino)

Felipe ZambardinoPatinando na Chuva – Vlogs do Zamba #40
from Felipe Zambardino on 19 Oct 2018

A chuva não para mais a gente não para também!

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Freeride skating on Next 125 *BONUS* – Powerslide Inline skates (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesFreeride skating on Next 125 *BONUS* – Powerslide Inline skates
from Powerslide Inline skates on 19 Oct 2018

Freeride skating on Next 125 *BONUS* – Powerslide Inline skates – 908238 – Tomasz Ardziński did like the white 125mm NEXT skates so much, he could not stop and created an additional bonus file cruising around his town. Watch the first version right here:
Again, he freerides his town with steeze on his customized Powerslide Next 125 white urban skates. Three big 125mm wheels make him roll literally everything the city has to offer and the revolutionary Trinity mounting on the Next hardboot skate provides a maximum of support and control on every stride.
The new Megacruiser. Refined style, exceptional features. The Powerslide NEXT is the first of it’s kind – the first TRINITY 3-point mounting hardshell Inline skate in the world. The Next offers plenty of custom options for you to personalize your ride. Adjust the flex of your skate by cutting the wings of your shell. Customize the support by changing the cuff height or equalize misalignements by adjusting the cuff only on one side (canting). You can even cut your cuff and shorten the cuff wing. Last but not least TRINITY is the most advanced mounting system which allows you to switch your skate from a freeskate to an SUV skate, a long distance training skate or even an ice skate. The Next 125 is full of incredible features such as the super comfortable heat moldable MYFIT Recall liner covering two sizes, plus the resilient and stylish 255mm elite casted aluminum frame. Feel the power of 125mm / 88A Powerslide Spinner wheels which come as standard on this skate, completed of course with Wicked ABEC 9 freespin bearings. Feel the advantages that the Next offers from the minute you start skating. The combination of unmatched comfort, amazing performance and outstanding design build the character of the Next 125 skate.
More about the NEXT and all our urban skates at:

Tomasz Ardziński

Michal Kawalec

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E.3 – Trailer (USD Skates)

USD SkatesE.3 – Trailer
from USD Skates on 19 Oct 2018 E.3 available now!

A Temple & Borklyn Zoo Production
Starring Eugen Enin

Shot & Edited by Vincent Lindgren & Daniel Enin
3D & Compositing by Claudio Antonelli
Sound Engineering by Vincent Lindgren
Color Grading by Anders Bergén

Directed by Vincent Lindgren

Shot on location in Tokyo, Japan

Duration: Section – 9 min. / B-roll + Commentary – 54 min.

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