Frittierte Skate-Bewegungen in Nürnbergs Peripherie (Mark Heuss)

Mark HeussFrittierte Skate-Bewegungen in Nürnbergs Peripherie
from Mark Heuss on 15 Aug 2018

Schalten sie ein für rohes Skate-Vergnügen, vollzogen während der Wonnemonate April bis August 2018, wohlwollend verteilt über Handläufe und weitere Skatespots jeglicher Art der Metropolregion Nürnberg (inklusive Nürnberg (achkomm), Bayreuth & Marktredwitz).
Bewundern sie zauberhaft frittierte Bewegungen in 4K von altbekannten Akteuren des Inlineskate-Sports, proportioniert mit einer Prise Dokumentations-Ironie und dem Charme ungetrübter Alltags-Blödelei: Alex Rudolf, Ranga Singh, Mark Heuss, René Leonhardy, Jens Küfner & Paul Skirde.

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Boston Trip with Korina Calderon and Brent Trinidad 2015 (ZERO SPIN)

ZERO SPINBoston Trip with Korina Calderon and Brent Trinidad 2015
from ZERO SPIN on 15 Aug 2018

a weekend in Boston and New Hampshire with my friend Ivan Higgins and Brent Trinidad


TUTORIAL TOPSOUL – NUEVA GENERACION – NUEVOS DEPORTISTAS, PRINCIPIANTES – DEJAME TU LIKE Y SUBSCRIBETE SI TE GUSTO EL VIDEO 😀 thanks : SAL SAZO – FOR FILMING SOME CLIPS 🙂 🙌 FACEBOOK : twitter : INSTAGRAM : ivan higgins : thanks for support : lade clothing / wheels previews videos : como hacer soul grind – how to do soul
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撮って出し vol.51 (hiko929)

hiko929撮って出し vol.51
from hiko929 on 15 Aug 2018


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How to find the perfect spacer – Powerslide Speaking Specs (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesHow to find the perfect spacer – Powerslide Speaking Specs
from Powerslide Inline skates on 15 Aug 2018

Powerslide alu precision mag spacers – Powerslide Speaking Specs – 900420, 900421, 900468, 900469, 900470, 900485, 900486
In this video Scott and Matthias try and explain, why spacers are what you need to make your wheels spin freely and fastly. Spacers are the number one source of wheels, which are not spinning as freely as they should and even though it is a small and oftentimes overlooked part of a skate, it remains a crucial one. As there are slight differences and tolerances in every manufacturing process, it is important to choose your spacers carefully when it comes to lenght, diameter and general construction. These little helpers can make a tremendous difference to your every day skating performance and experience.

Speaking Specs – a new series of detailed information tutorials by Powerslide´s very own product development department with Matthias Knoll, Scott Arlidge & Jürgen Pfitzner. Tune in for endless tech infos on literally all new Powerslide products. Have a look at the Speaking Specs playlist at: Powerslide – we love to skate!

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roundwood skate park (Louis Devereux)

Louis Devereuxroundwood skate park
from Louis Devereux on 15 Aug 2018

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