Plastic PushersPlastic Pushers volume 1.
from Plastic Pushers on 1 Aug 2020

The new dutch inline skate movie filmed during the dutch (easy) lockdownFeel free to donate to help us to continue make part 2 and more PP merch parts by:0:00Pascal Tan 1:15Wisse Ankersmit 3:54Adam Szymanski 9:11Giorgio Oehlers 12:54Jeroen Wullems 16:39Kenny Owens 22:26Sebastiaan van Wijk 29:39 *For Danish viewers please listen to since the song is blocked in your countryVivien Butot & Robin Bosgra 32:33Sem Croft 38:18Randy Abels 42:44Also featuring:Hans HardonkBas HouwelingBartozs BellerDick HeerkensMarnix HaakChris NomdenAnd more.Thanks for the vibes!