Plastic Pushers – Volume 2 (

Plastic Pushers – Volume 2
from on 3 Aug 2021

Plastic Pushers return with a sequel to the Dutch scene video and this time it also features some Swiss and French action. It’s over an hour long and features a lot of skaters, so you are getting your money’s worth – oh, wait, that’s right, it’s free! Dominik Wagner kicks things off with his first street part in years and it’s a joy to see him working his magic again. Jeroen Wullems and Davie Nijenbrink both put in strong performances, but the final two sections steal the show. Sven Boekhorst betrays his age with a street section that would be a struggle for most bladers half his age and Levi van Rijn deserves the ender for some of the stuff he laces, including what I am absolutely certain are at least two NBDs*. *Never been done.  The video was filmed and edited by Cavin Brinkman. Watch more videos by Cavin Brinkman HERE.

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