Plastic PushersPlastic Pushers volume 2
from Plastic Pushers on 2 Aug 2021

Welcome to the second installment of Plastic Pushers.For this one, we got the best skaters living in the Netherlands (and a Frenchy) lined up for you.Dominik Wagner. 2:26Derk Alberts & Wiboud de Boorder. 6:18Jeroen Wullems.9:58Davy Wouda & Sjoerd Peters. 14:12Friends. 19:20Roel Fritz & his vert buddies. 22:16The Swizz connection. 25:19Eric van Boven. 30:41Freddy White.31:53Friends 2. 36:10Niels Groenendijk & Ralf van de Kerkhof.40:34Marnix Haak.43:41Davie Nijenbrink.47:44Sven Boekhorst 51:13Levi van Rijn. 55:59We had the pleasure to work with these great musicians that gave us (or made specially for the movie) their songs.Jimm Hall – hope is not lost – Ego Ray – Heatwave – SCRD Homesick – Male Bonding worries – Slide – If you are not outraged Valette – Safety net -2 shaky feat PRVTE Supreme – Your mind is free de rover – More opinions (and a rainbow) Fatso – Strikes and gutters Hyperlink – Pushin (exclusive for PP2) Sensae – Spit gifting – Storm front (exclusive for PP2) Hyperlink – Flowers (exclusive for PP2) Peck – Buffalo run Smoke – Heat lamp List – Darkest hour Ruud Scheerens for your dope intro font and Niels Groenendijk for animating them.!