Platform Episode 41 – Eric Shrijn (

Platform Episode 41 – Eric Shrijn
from on 31 Jul 2021

The latest guest on Platform is a true icon of the sport, Esco Zoo’s very own Eric Shrijn. He was involved in aggressive skating from its initial birth, skated for some of the biggest companies at the height of the sport’s mainstream popularity, and stuck with it through some of the toughest times in its short history. Eric has an insane amount of stories, including how he was introduced to aggressive skating through his youth pastor, none other than living legend Chris Edwards. He talks about how the Airman advised him to skate for Senate, what it was like riding for Rollerblade during their most lucrative period, competing at the X Games in front of tens of thousands of people, the insane perks that came with being a successful pro skater during that era and how he witnessed its rapid fall from grace. Throughout our discussion, Eric was warm, charming and didn’t take himself too seriously. He was very candid and openly discussed the moments he cherished and the experiences that were the most difficult for him emotionally. Unlike some of his contemporaries from that period, he looks back on his time as a pro with fond memories and advises how […]

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