Platform Episode 42 – Jacob Juul (

Platform Episode 42 – Jacob Juul
from on 6 Aug 2021

Danish blading icon Jacob Juul is the latest guest on Platform. He has won more contests than he can remember, including several events in 2018 alone, and produced a phenomenal amount of street sections over the years. He is known for exceptionally technical skating and carried the torch for his national scene for many years, following in the footsteps of fellow countrymen Rene Hulgreen and Tom Ahlqvist. Jacob talks about how he discovered skating, travelling throughout Europe on his own to make a name for himself, getting on Remz and going on tour with Chris Haffey and Franky Morales, winning the AIL at Woodward West and his pro skate from Remz that never came out, getting on USD and again narrowly missing out on another pro skate, and his future plans with Trigger. He also talks about his highly successful skate school that he has developed to become a sustainable income. This episode is supported by Blader Union and Alchemyst Skate Shop.  You can also listen to Platform on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to support Platform, visit our online shop HERE. Watch more videos of Jacob Juul HERE.

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