Platform Episode 47 – Nicholas Swan (

Platform Episode 47 – Nicholas Swan
from on 25 Oct 2021

Nicholas Swan is the first free skater that’s appeared on Platform and hopefully he will be the first of many. The Salt Lake City, Utah resident has produced a lot of engaging sections of the years and picked up sponsorship by both Rollerblade and more recently Micro Skates. Nicholas recently opened Beehive Skate Shop in Salt Lake City, so it was the perfect opportunity to pick his brain on a number of topics. He talks about riding for Rollerblade and travelling to various cities across America for the In Motion series with Mike Torres and Sean Keane, why he decided to join Micro Skates, his plans for the shop and more. This episode is supported by Blader Union. You can also listen to Platform on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to support Platform, visit our online shop HERE. Watch more episodes of Platform HERE.

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