Brandon DrummondPlaying Jet Set Radio for the First Time LIVE // Rollerblading Game // Full Story Playthrough
from Brandon Drummond on 1 Jul 2021

Jet Set Radio got a lot of people into inline skating. Join me as I play through for the first time and find out why. This could end up being my longest stream yet. Support the stream: Grab my new merch here: me stuff to…Brandon DrummondP.O. Box 9603Marion Square Box LobbyWellington, 6011New ZealandWatch previous streams: Jet Set Radio: Support the channel by…Watching my “How to Rollerblade Series”: at Laced (My merch): a YouTube Member: me on Patreon: my Amazon Affiliate Links Bellow*I receive a cut from any purchase you make on Amazon after clicking these links*My Main Camera: Camera Handle: Fish Eye: down ring you need to use Fisheye: 360 Cam: Lavier Mic: Green Screen: Old Helmet: me on…Instagram: