Portland Basel – Outdoor Skatepark Switzerland – Skatepark Basel Schweiz – SkaMiDan (Daniel’s Skating School [SkaMiDan – Main Channel])

Portland Basel – Outdoor Skatepark Switzerland – Skatepark Basel Schweiz – SkaMiDan
from Daniel’s Skating School [SkaMiDan – Main Channel] on 16 Sep 2017

Portland Basel – Outdoor Skatepark Switzerland – Skatepark Basel Schweiz – SkaMiDan

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► Skatepark Grundlagen lernen // How To: Skatepark Basics

► How To 180°s And 360°s (Also Fakie):

► Die ersten Grinds lernen / How To Grind – The Easiest Way:

► Skateparks Schweiz / Skateparks Switzerland:

▬▬▬ Beschreibung // Description: ▬▬
► Purplepark Basel:
Jugendzentrum PurplePark
Meret Oppenheim-Str. 80
4053 Basel


► Breite Miniramp // Wide Mini Ramp
► Funbox // Fun Box
► Grindbox // Grind Box
► Quarter Pipe // Quarterpipe // Quarter-Pipe
► Runde Flatrail // Rounded Flatrail
► Manual Box // Manual-Box

▬▬▬ Filmed By ▬▬▬
► Daniel L. (SkaMiDan)
► GoPro Hero 5 Black
► Feiyu G5 3-Axis Splash-Proof Handheld Gimbal

▬▬▬ Music ▬▬▬▬
► Background:
Silent Partner – Propeller

► Outro:
Jo Cohen & BQ – Glowing At Night [NCS Release]

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