Powerslide Inline skatesPowerslide Next Pro Black 80 Urban Inlline Skates – Speaking Specs
from Powerslide Inline skates on 25 Aug 2022

Powerslide Next Pro Black 80 Urban Inlline Skates – Speaking Specshttps://powerslide.com/products/next-pro-black-80Product reference 908407The POWERSLIDE NEXT Pro Black 80 brings urban freeride skating back to its roots. It all starts with the rugged and lightweight NEXT hardboot thats made to take anything you or the urban environment can throw at it. This renowned boot combines durability with comfort and support. Accompanied by a supportive height-adjustable cuff that allows you to easily adjust the forward flex, the NEXT boot is easy to customize. Made of only the highest-grade materials, the Next Pro 80 skate features the new MYFIT Prime liner thats lightweight, heat-moldable, and incredibly comfortable. The advanced liner has anatomical padding, microfiber lining material, and a brand new 3D molded tongue that helps improve control, while the lacing routed around the shaft that, combined with the replaceable PU collar, gives you superb stiffness and support. Ideal for intense urban freeride inline skating, this feature-packed liner even has a replaceable MYFIT shock absorber to cushion landings. This advanced skate is designed around the patented TRINITY 3-point mounting system that gives you you get a low center of gravity and efficient power transfer to the light and precise Ego SL frames. For foot sizes up to 42/43, the skate comes with a 243mm frame, while larger sizes come with a 275mm frame that can accommodate 90mm wheels. Complete with 4x80mm Ultra High Rebound (UHR) UNDERCOVER Raw wheels and smooth WICKED ABEC 9 bearings, the POWERSLIDE NEXT Pro Black 80 is designed to deliver urban freeride skating in its purest form.SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER!Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest and greatest news about Powerslide and its affiliated brands, information about upcoming events, insight into Powerslide tech, our latest products, videos and media. To subscribe, click here: https://powerslide.com/pages/subscribe***Subscribe for more inline skating videos:http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=powerslidevideo***https://www.powerslide.com/#powerslide #inlineskates #inlineskating