Powerslide Samurai racing inline skate – speed & agility on 3 wheels (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesPowerslide Samurai racing inline skate – speed & agility on 3 wheels
from Powerslide Inline skates on 23 Jun 2017

The speed skating technique of Felix Rijhnen is truely magnificent. That´s why he was the perfect host for the new Powerslide Samurai racing inline skate promo video. Agility & speed meet up in a high-end carbon composite boot on 3 125mm Matter Image wheels, pushing through the perfect race track at Arena Geisingen, Germany.

The Powerslide Samurai inline speed skate is ready to strike. Our most tight and aggressive fitting racing boot ever, the Samurai is designed specifically for skaters who have smaller ankles and want a tight fit to ensure that all their power is being transferred with every push. A 100% carbon fiber shell, that is totally heat moldable for the perfect fit. These Triskates come with Triple-X 12.8” frame, 3x125mm Matter Image wheels & Wicked Swiss bearings: Faster, lighter & above all else, more agile.
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Powerslide Samurai Racing Inline Skate

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Powerslide Samurai racing inline skate – speed & agility on 3 wheels

German Autobahn style, we at Powerslide Race love skating as fast as possible. Therefor, we develop the best speed inline skating hardware available: heat moldable carbon boots, specialized women, men and kids racing products, comfy PainFree shell designs, stiff triple x-truded Triskate frames, next level Trinity Mounting features, record breaking 125mm wheels to uber-precise Wicked bearings. Our new collection is our best ever, packed with innovation, development and passion.
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