Powerslide Swell Ultra White 110 Fitness Inline Skates – 510016 (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesPowerslide Swell Ultra White 110 Fitness Inline Skates – 510016
from Powerslide Inline skates on 9 Nov 2017

Powerslide SWELL ULTRA WHITE 110. Elegant efficiency. Reworked shell with flex cuts in the ankle area and RECALL fit with memory foam to provide superior comfort and maximum support. The upper is made out of Powerknit material with a sleek fit that shapes around your foot seamlessly to fit like a glove. TRINITY mount with 3 fixation points to reach new levels of performance. Light and strong POWERSLIDE Elite 9.6” AL casted frame. PS SWELL 110mm 86A wheels and Wicked ABEC 7 bearings.

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Powerslide Swell Ultra White 110 Fitness Inline Skate – 510016

The fitness skate reinvented.
Innovation, precision, performance.
The Powerslide SWELL is a revolutionary inline skate specially designed for intense fitness training.
To deliver a real fitness skating experience we knew we had to innovate in every level, so we started from scratch. From the inside out every compound has been meticulously redesigned to improve the comfort and maximize the performance. By including only the most essential elements, we created a sophisticated and minimalistic skate yet more efficient and advanced than any other skate available in the fitness segment, bringing some technologies accessible before only to an elite of professional speed skaters.
With the Powerslide SWELL collection it comes a whole new way to experience inline skating. It doesn’t only score with its extraordinary design, but also with perfect and comfortable fitting. The Swell skates are made for fast and intense skating and they will help you unleash your full potential, no matter if you skate for 5km or 42km, in perfectly paved tracks and rinks or in the city streets, you will experience skating as you never did before.

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