Powerslide TAU Urban Inline skates – TRINITY Mount – 100% Carbon freestyle slalom freeskate (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesPowerslide TAU Urban Inline skates – TRINITY Mount – 100% Carbon freestyle slalom freeskate
from Powerslide Inline skates on 18 Nov 2016

Powerslide TAU Urban Inline skates – TRINITY Mount – 100% Carbon freestyle slalom freeskate

It´s time for Trinity, it´s time for TAU!

We are beyond happy to finally announce our 2nd urban skate equipped with the #Trinity 3-point mounting, the Powerslide TAU urban freeskate.

This high end urban skate does not only come stock with the Trinity system, but also a compression molded carbon fiber shell, providing the super low center of gravity with maximum comfort at minimum weight.
Powerslide has outdone themselves with the new Tau Trinity skate. This skate is convincing with its unique 3-point mounting construction. The super low center of gravity of the Tau as well as the superior power transfer and vibration control change the level of skating! The perfect match of comfort and performance will let you skate at your limit and beyond. This is the perfect freestyle and allround urban skate. Check out the Tau and skating will never be the same for you!

Besides the complete skate, the Tau skate will also be available as boot only, too.

Trinity is a new pat. pending asymmetrical 3-point mounting system for skates. This has been achieved by shifting the two front mounting points to the outside of the frame forming a channel for the wheels. With wheels getting bigger the skate became higher and therefore instable. The Trinity mounting now allows us to reduce the center of gravity of the skate drastically by about 10mm compared to common skates with a standard mounting system in the same wheel size.

Benefits of the Trinity concept are:
Better Power Transfer – because of the powertriangle formed by the 3 mounting points
Stronger – because the forces are spread over 3 mounting points
More Control – due to the strong 3-point connection of boot and frame
Easier Skating – the powertriangle also helps you with weight transfer
Lower Center of Gravity – means more control and safer skating
X-Slot mounting to customize the frame position under your boots
Fatigue Control – significant reduction of vibration avoids exhaustion of muscles

Trinity is a new milestone in skating providing an unmatched and all new skating experience! The Trinity carbon shell sets a new standard in the freeskating world. It´s the first carbon shell made by compression moulding like you know it from carbon parts made for the formula 1 cars or carbon frames and parts of high end race bikes. This manufacturing process enables us to reduce the weight of the shell by making the shell thinner but still increasing the overall strength compared with carbon shells made by regular wet lamination. Another benefit of the compression moulding process is the possibility to create shell designs with sharp contours which you only know from injected composite parts. The shell of the Tau skate is not symmetric as most of the shells you can find for skates. Our shell is perfectly shaped and anatomically built for left and right feet in order to create a better fitting and performance of the skate. The bottom of the shell is ventilated to keep your feet fresh.

The cuff was designed with support in mind. It´s made of a special composite compound that is super stiff thanks to the 15% fiberglass, which was mixed into the material. An integrated arch stiffens up the side to provide perfect lateral support. The long wings of the cuff can be cut if the skaters leg is too thin.

We designed a new last for the Tau skate. The new Powerlast improves the heel lock as well as the comfort in the ankle and toe area. Our PU nanoleather upper material is soft, but very strong and resistant. PU nano leather upper materials are natural materials which are light weight, but resistant. This outstanding material wraps around the foot like a sock. We use mesh and microfiber materials for the inside lining which provides max. comfort. The Tau is a “no-liner” boot which helps to transfer the energy directly from the foot to the wheels. Our 3D anatomical padding is placed strategically around the ankle area, but also the tendon area of the shoe to asure the most secure ankle and heel fit. The so called “speedfoam” used for the padding is another advanced material, which is also used in our racing shoes. This foam is soft, but not too soft to absorb energy yet very comfortable. Step in and feel well from very first minute you wear the boot. The speedfoam padding does not take away space inside the shoe where you would need it, but fills up the empty spaces to give more comfort and control. This new padding makes the boot more comfortable without any compromises in the overall performance.
The patented Powerslide Trinity Pro rocker aluminium frame is a top of the line frame made of high end 7005 aircraft aluminium.
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