Pumptrack Triskating on Tau Urban skates – Powerslide Inline Skating (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesPumptrack Triskating on Tau Urban skates – Powerslide Inline Skating
from Powerslide Inline skates on 10 Dec 2017

Pump up the track, pump it up, while you skates are stompin’
and the jam is pumpin’, look at here the crowd is jumpin’!
Powerslide´s Falko Quinger spend a day at the pumptrack in Latvia on his customized Tau urban boots. Three 125mm Matter Wheels and the long XXX Trinity Racing frame do not only look good combined, they seem to skate really nice at those north European hills.
Check out what Falko was up to with the same setup when he was not pumptracking, but bob sledding: https://youtu.be/XuI3jFlBOvo

A super low center of gravity, superior power transfer & vibration control melt together with top notch comfort & performance at the TRINITY equipped Powerslide Tau skates. The compression molded carbon shell makes the Tau super lightweight, very stiff & therefore perfect for highly demanding skating tasks like this one.
Find out more about the Tau boots right here: https://www.powerslide.com/accessories/boots/powerslide-tau-carbon-80-trinity-urban-boot

Pumptrack Triskating on Tau Urban skates – Powerslide Inline Skating
Skater: Falko Quinger
Skates: Powerslide Tau Trinity boots, Trinity 3x125mm 13´ Core Racing frames, Matter One20Five F1 wheels, Wicked Swiss bearings.
Location: Sigura, Latvia

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