QCKC3: Queen City Kings Contest 2020 (butterTV)

butterTVQCKC3: Queen City Kings Contest 2020
from butterTV on 27 Nov 2020

“Yeah, we were safe, we were smart, we wore our masks, we made sure everybody stay sanitized, but it was the fact that we’re bringing the community together on an equal level and that we were able to share a space and share a lot of love for the same sport in a positive light… that’s a beautiful thing.”— Brett Coppedge

During these current times of uncertainty, year three of the Queen City Kings Contest went extremely well. The energy inside OSO Skate park was electrifying and everybody there was having an awesome time as well as Montre doing an amazing job behind the microphone. The vibes were nothing but positive and all the skaters that competed killed it. Shout out to everyone who showed up, thank you to Oso for hosting another great year, and a special thank you to Montre, Kiki, and family. Cheers and much love!



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