Rainy Nite Freeskating – Eugen Enin on Powerslide Torrent rain wheels (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesRainy Nite Freeskating – Eugen Enin on Powerslide Torrent rain wheels
from Powerslide Inline skates on 15 Jan 2019

Rainy Nite Freeskating – Eugen Enin on Powerslide Torrent rain wheels – 905299, 905300 – #welovetoskate365
Slippery road conditions, lots of rain, cold wind, welcome to a skating video straight out of Hamburg, Germany! Powerslide team rider Eugen Enin tested the new 110mm Torrent rain wheels in his own freeskate manner on a rainy nite at the glorious Hafencity spots. Jumps, stalls and fast roll-ins on drippingly wet surfaces would have brought Eugen straight into the local hospital, but thanks to the grippy urethane compound of those wheels, he was able to skate all nite. All nite. All nite long. All nite.
The Torrent wheels are available in 110mm & 125mm with 84A:
Powerslides’ Torrent wheel is a new rain skating wheel. The Torrent wheel has been under development for countless kilometers with our world class racing team. A specific rain skating PU and a wheel preparation process that ensure maximum traction in wet skating conditions. This wheel comes in 110mm and 84A.

Skater: Eugen Enin
Skates: Powerslide Next White, Trinity Casted 3x110mm 243mm frames, 3x110mm PS Torrent rain wheels, rustproof SUS Wicked bearings
Location: Hamburg Hafencity, Germany
Camera: Mark Heuss https://www.youtube.com/markheuss
Daniel Enin https://www.youtube.com/c/borklynzoo
Edit: Mark Heuss

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