REIGN HELIOS Hockey Inline Skate – 360° Carbon Fiber Triskate with TRINITY MOUNTING & PRIME Wheels (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesREIGN HELIOS Hockey Inline Skate – 360° Carbon Fiber Triskate with TRINITY MOUNTING & PRIME Wheels
from Powerslide Inline skates on 8 Dec 2016

REIGN HELIOS Hockey Inline Skate – 360° Carbon Fiber Triskate with TRINITY MOUNTING & PRIME Wheels

The big brother of the Kronos skate, the Helios offers similar characteristics but with a blend of carbon fiber and kevlar shell.
The upper is designed to provide protection against impacts and will last for as long as you play. The additional support of Kevlar wires ensures that your foot is held tightly inside the boot.
The boot features a microfiber lining which means it will handle the toughest punishment and abuse, and will hold your foot in place like never before.
As well as the microfiber lining, and the outer shell, the boot also has our Recall Fit system, which means you won’t need to break in these skates. They should fit perfectly right out of the box and into the game.
When combined with our aluminium CNC frame that allows you to choose your skate set up, it is the ultimate weapon to go into battle.
A 4 wheel set up option is possible, if you are living in the past.


Dominate the Game! Innovation, precision, performance.
The REIGN Hockey collection is designed in Germany with revolutionary products that allow players all over the world the chance to destroy their competition.
Never before has a hockey skate been so specifically constructed, designed and developed. With our REIGN collection, we threw out everything that had been done before and started from scratch with new innovation, new ideas and new features.

REIGN also features the patented revolutionary TRINITY frame mounting. As the name suggests, it features three mounting points between the boot and frame, but these strategically placed points are designed to allow for maximum power transfer, but actually increase maneuverability without adding any extra weight.
The shell of the Helios skate is made of compression moulded carbon fiber, which also covers the ankles, resulting in a light yet exceptionally strong and supportive structure that can’t be achieved with ordinary carbon outsoles used in traditional hockey skates.
The patented TRINITY 3-point frame mounting is our latest innovation for REIGN. The Trinity frame mounting offers a LOWER center of gravity, LOWER weight, BETTER power transfer, BETTER stability and balance, MORE control, which results in BETTER performance.
The Powerlast of the Helios skate provides a great heel lock as well as the comfort in the ankle and toe area. Super strong reinforcements built into the boot withstand hard puck shots and stick hits. Our PU nano leather upper with integrated kevlar wires is soft, but super strong and resistant giving the player the perfect combination of maximum lateral support on one side and a nice and tight wrap on the other side.
Triskate Frame. When less means more, way more.The Powerslide 3 wheels frames are a decisive unique feature to all Powerslide REIGN hockey skates.
Three big wheels offer a bigger footprint with more PU in contact with the ground and more response out of the corners. So that’s why less wheels mean more grip. Also three wheel frames can be lower and shorter than 4 wheel frames with smaller wheels, making it easy to maneuver and control your skates. And with the center wheel right under the center of gravity, turns are much easier and the whole skating feels more natural. All these features help to make your game faster. An additional benefit is the less weight, which means less energy consuming, allowing to skate for a longer time and improving your performance especially at the end of the match. Control and support play a major role in hockey. Bigger wheels mean that the center of gravity changes and the force, torque and pressure is also greatly increased. We here at Reign (c/o Powerslide), as the pioneers of big wheels, are aware of these facts have created
a product that will revolutionize roller hockey. Bigger wheels make the game not only faster and more exciting but also improve agility, security and control.
Trinity casted frames are a masterpiece of its own class. The frames are made of 6063 T6-heat-treated aircraft aluminium. The unique shape of the frame wraps each wheel adding more stability and stiffness to the overall construction for an unmatched power transfer and performance.

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