Scamp and ShredRISE AND GRIND TAHOE| Scoot & Boot
from Scamp and Shred on 12 Jul 2020

After leaving SLO, we made our way up to the beautiful and majestic Tahoe forest. We discovered the Truckee skatepark only 15 minutes away from our camping spot, and had a few awesome sessions there with the locals. Its starting to get hot up here, so we stayed cool by exploring the shady forest with the cats and by swimming in the unreal water holes that Tahoe has to offer. It was hard for us the leave Tahoe, but the fun times and memories that we made here will not be fading anytime soon! Thanks for coming along with us on our adventures! Be sure to subscribe to see what happens next as we travel north into Oregon!Love – Milo, Poi Poi, Vince and Coco Follow us on Instagram- @adventuresofscootandboot