Back to BladingRollerblade Blank Sean Keane Aggressive Inline Skate // Review
from Back to Blading on 6 Feb 2022

These are the Rollerblade Blank Sean Keane Pro skates. They retail for around $330 US. This is a beta release of the Blank skate, the first new aggressive skate from rollerblade in years. Its a revised version of the Rollerblade Solo boot, updated for the new generation of skating.They come with Blank frames and Hydrogen wheels for both flat and antirocker setups. The liners are high quality with ample padding around the cuff.What makes the Blank skate unique is the soul plate design. Rather than the frame mounting to the soulplate, it mounts directly to the boot. This creates a lower ride height, but might also make the frame less responsive.Intro 0:00How do they Fit? 1:00How do they Grind? 2:20Improvements 5:17Conclusion 6:19* More Back to Blading *Website: http://BackToBlading.comSlack: – Eric Skiff (