Rollerblade® compilation 2013 (AuthenticRollerblade)

AuthenticRollerbladeRollerblade® compilation 2013
from AuthenticRollerblade on 26 Jan 2014

A compilation of the best skating moments captured in 2013.

Featuring a bunch of event, video/catalog shoots, competitions, demos…
And the following skaters:
•Jeremy Suarez
•Sofi Carreras
•Greg Mirzoyan
•Vinz Vuvankha
•Ben Brillante
•Patrick Francisco
•Tom Hyser
•Christie Toledo
•Ariel Surun
•Timmy Vanilli
•Sven Boekhorst
•Jan Ebbert
•Mery Muñoz
•Sami Raimann
•Rob G…

Shot in Asia, America and Europe.

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Skate smart: know your skill level and skating conditions. You are always safer wearing a helmet and full protective gear.

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