AuthenticRollerbladeRollerblade compilation 2017
from AuthenticRollerblade on 10 Jan 2018

Welcome to 2018!

In 2017 Rollerblade® launched several video edits containing amazing content. For our followers and fans, we created video edits that share our passion for the sport and the lifestyle of skating. The videos include: in depth reviews of products and innovations, a total training program for beginners to experts, a custom XFit workout with Ben Brillante on the all new Rollerblade® Twister Edge skates, and so much more. In 2018, as Rollerblade® continues to develop top-notch products for every skater, we will also continue to create content to inspire.

Enjoy the Rollerblade® 2017 Compilation! The compilation includes some of our favorites, but be sure to check out or visit our YouTube channel at AuthenticRollerblade to watch all our video edits.

Featured Riders: Greg Mirzoyan, Autumn Miller, Guillaume De Mallevoue, Sven Boekhorst, Guillaume le Gentil, Maxime Genoud, Ben Brillante, Jeremy Suarez, Sofi Carreras, Juan Hererra, Timmy van Rixtel, Gabe Holm, Danny Aldridge, Coco Sanchez, Cameron Talbott, and Sean Keane.

Watch full videos from the compilation:
ABT Skate with confidence: How to brake? Feat. Macroblade skates

GM Diaries S02E01: Unusual Freeskating Feat. Metroblades

Friendship Autumn Miller and Lindsey Lystad Feat. Macroblade skates

Paris Rollers Marathon 2017 Feat. Powerblade & Endurace skates

Rollerblade® at the Fise World in Montpellier Feat. Solo Team & NJ5

Skate with confidence: skate and breathe Feat. Macroblade skates

Rollerblade® Presents: The X-Fit Challenge Feat. Maxxum skates

Freeskate in Madrid 80mm Feat. Twister Edge, Twister X & Metroblade skates

Rollerblade Twister Edge X 2018 – Maxime Genoud Feat. Twister Edge skates

Freeskate in Iceland 80mm Feat. Twister X & Metroblade skates

Top Speed on the Rollerblade® Twister Edge Feat. Twister Edge skates

Roll out on the Macroblade ABT Feat. Macroblade skates

Danny’s Point: The Skaters’ Guide Through Barcelona Feat. RB80 skates

The Rollerblade® rockstars enjoying the Berlin Marathon Feat. RB80, Twister & Maxxum skates

Danny’s Point: unboxing Twister X Feat. Twister X skates

Cameron Talbott Amsterdam x Paris Feat. Solo

Team skate Sean Keane “Static” Full Part Feat. Solo Team skate