Brandon DrummondRollerbladers My Girlfriend Remembers // Rollerblading Trivia Part 3
from Brandon Drummond on 8 Sep 2021

Of course she remembers Danny Beer…Testing my girlfriend on famous people in rollerblading & Inline skating brands. Will she win a free night off cooking? Watch and see. Part 3 of 3Watch part one: skating trivia for a non rollerblader. Everything Courtney knows about skating she’s heard from me.People & Videos featured, in order of mentionStefan Brandow Inline Skater Tri-Rudolf Pitts Beer Smith Haffey Kellet O-Neill Paz to Blading Podcast Union Zoo Shop Ground Control Podcast Skate Co Skates Is Soul Task the channel by…Subscribing to my YouTube Channel my “How to Rollerblade Series” at Laced NZ (My merch) a YouTube Member, getting access to perks follow me on all other social media linked below Music by…YouTube Audio LibraryChapters0:00 Rollerbladers9:44 Inline Brands15:34 Recap17:05 Results