Tom MoyseRollerblading Drama, ABDs, Future Icons of Rollerblading, CPH B-Roll, New Wizard Skates, NYC Comp
from Tom Moyse on 24 Aug 2023

There has been a bit of rollerblading drama recently. Chris Farmer was called out for an ABD by Sean Darst and people have complained about the prize money differences in competitions.There has been loads of new edits from THEM Skates, Marc Moreno, Alex Burston and more. New urban skates, new Wizard skates and the first Copenhagen B-Roll Comp.There is a some huge comps on the way Capital Rollas in London at Bay 66 and the Metro Card Classic including the BPSO and NYC invitational.If you would like to see more of this and support the channel:NEW Merchandise: a member: the Patreon donations and more: MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a Rollerblading News00:30 Them Skates LA Tage, Alex Broskow, Sean Darst and that trick from Sean Kelso02:00 Copenhagen B-roll competition Dominic Bruce, Levi Van Reign, David Sizemore03:35 Levi Van Reign Wins – 8-Set new Store04:25 Future Icons of rollerblading05:08 Capital Rollas London Jam 2023 – Big Prize Money 06:05 Prize money complaints. The difference between Pro and AM07:17 Metro Card Classic, Boschi Pope Skate Off and NYC invitational 08:28 Chris Farmer Forget Grinding09:03 Farmer called out for ABD by Sean Darst11:22 Who done the trick better?12:12 New wizard skating skates – Reembark 14:00 Marc Moreno – Flashback skating edit14:49 Alex Burston Loco Skates – Meaning15:39 Nicholy Machado Pro Skate – 16:06 ANEW Bag – Brian Aragon16:55 Thank you – THEM SKATES presents | LA Tage – FLASHBACK – Marc MorenoMARTIN DANNING – Spring MinuteMESMER Amsterdam THEM SKATES presents PULSES | Marius Gaile Witzemann – USD Pro IntroductionCapital Rollas – The LDN Jam 2022 – Ldn Jam 2022 Baysixty6 skatepark – Street Invitational – at the NYC Invitational – Alex Broskow 1st Place – Vice City – The Sixth Annual Boschi Pope Skate Off – LA BiBA – Farmer – Forget Grinding! – – Farmer Pro Model 50/50 Prime Frame50/50 Frames Presents: Research Triangle – Alex Burston 2023 – MEANING | LocoskatesANEW & Brain Aragon Bag Pre Order –