Tom MoyseROLLERBLADING SOTY, Calling out Air Manatee, RIP Charlie Lockyer, SKATER OF THE YEAR. Inline News
from Tom Moyse on 12 Dec 2022

Rollerblading news. Who is the rollerblader of the year, who is SOTY?Recently there has been lots of new rollerblading edits and video. I think it would be fair to say that some of these inline skating edits have been tactically released at the end of the year for they are fresh in peoples minds when it comes to voting for rollerblading awards.Do you have a skater of the Year?What is your favourite edit?Unfortunately Ive had to call out Air Manatee aka Jimbo Hawkins, peak male athletic form, over a claim he made 10 weeks ago. Will he do the trick the people want?NEW Merchandise: the Patreon me get to Winterclash and The Blading Cup:PayPal donations and more: Alright00:20 Them Skates x Intuition Grey 909 Liners01:18 THEM SKATES presents ITADAKI | Soichiro Kanashima01:42 Nils Janson Saule 5th Element Roces Pro Skate03:16 Calling out Air Manatee – Stefan Horngacher -Tyson Fury04:43 Yandriel Silverio Pro Model 50/50 Frame and edit05:33 The many faces of Powerslide06:18 Spotty Dog back in stock06:34 Gawds new team skate rite dye06:59 Robbie Pitts DIY07:11 Dominic Sagona USD 25th Anniversary Pro model Sway Skate from07:39 EDITS Jake Red Eye Wheels edit ,Sean Kean Blank pro model edit, Takeshi Yasutoko pro model USD Aeon Edit, Julien Cudot08:33 Dominic Bruce Pro Model Edit SOTY09:25 Clipmas09:56 Muzzle for rollerblading culture 10:53 Nicoly Machado on USD – Future star of rollerblading11:21 Shuriken Alex Burston11:35 Rest in Peace Charlie Lockyer12:16 PatreonsVideosSoichiro Silverio: Coupling // 50/50 Frames 5th Element – Nils Jansons Dotson / Smore of What? Cudot – Sauce Dallas introduces Nicoly Machado Aeon Takeshi Pro 68 – Pro Skate Promo Keane Blank SK