Tom MoyseRollerblading Trend Forecast 2023
from Tom Moyse on 16 Jan 2023

What are the rollerblading and inline skating trends for 2023.What is going to be in and what is out for aggressive inline skating?NEW Merchandise: the Patreon me get to Winterclash and The Blading Cup:PayPal donations and more: year saw the rise of wizards skating, lots of socks and premium skate liners.Will 2023 see more skates tour, will there be new pro skaters and will jorts going to be in?00:00 ALRIGHT00:37 LONG JOHNS01:19 ROLLERBLADING TOUR VIDEOS02:35 DUAL SIZE SHELLS THEM SKATES SHMEDIUM AND NOT SO EXTRA SMALL03:11 WORLD ROLLING SERIES WRS STYLE COMPS04:25 GETTING UP EARLY04:48 MOTIVATIONAL SPEECHES 05:33 TASSELS06:41 ROLLERBLADING NOSTALGIA08:10 TOW-INS FOR INLINE SKATING08:37 DIY SKATEPARKS09:25 CELEBRATIONS AFTER TRICKS10:04 YEEE HUGS HANDSHAKES10:43 SEA MOSS10:54 RENE HULGREEN11:15 NICKNAMES11:29 OVERDRAFTS11:41 MELLOW HAND RAILS11:50 KNEE SLIDES12:09 JORTS AND RUNNING SHORTS12:57 ROLLERBLADE BRAND TRAINERS13:36 HARDER TO SKATES, SKATES14:18 TEAM UNIFORMS14:53 FEATURE LENGTH ROLLERBLADING FILMS15:11 SYNCHRONISED ROLLERBLADING15:40 PREMIUMS ROLLERBLADING CLOTHES16:12 FRONTSIDE FAHRVERGNUGENSPATREONSThe edit features: