HedonskateROLLFEST 2022 – GRIND A CAR JAM #hedonskate #rollerblading #4k
from Hedonskate on 13 Dec 2022

#hedonskate #rollerblading #4k Little throwback to last summer and the longest running polish rollerblading event – ROLLFEST 2022, where local @roll4all460 & Skatearena hosted a fun side event where you could grind an unique grindbox mounted on old car wreck. The show stolen by @Zwyrolski but the video also includes some highlights by @KrystianZarzeczny and other contestants. Camera & Editing: @MiazgaStudio Track: Inside Your Love – Swales In DetroitLooking for skates?Shop here: https://www.hedonskate.com/c/skates-1Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/hedonskate?sub_confirmation=1