Roman Abrate touring South America – USD | Kaltik | UC (USD Skates)

USD SkatesRoman Abrate touring South America – USD | Kaltik | UC
from USD Skates on 21 Sep 2017

In 2017, USD Skate pro rider Roman Abrate was traveling South America for 5 months to meet people and share his passion for skating. He was skating almost every day with the guys, making the most out of an amazing trip. Between the big sessions that where organized by the locals, Roman also took time to film this little street section. Needless to say that the latest Rollergames world champion also kills it in street.
His setup consists of USD VII skates, Kaltik frames, his UC Pro wheels & Wicked bearings.

“Not skating a lot of street usually, but when I do, it’s cause I like it and I had a lot of fun filming it! It was probably the best trip i have ever made, met amazing people and great places. I really loved the culture over there and only have had good times! Like I said at the end of the video, thanks to all the persons who helped me and who have been part of it! Especially USD, Kaltik and UC for making it possible.” (Roman Abrate)

USD Skates, Kaltik Frames & UC Wheels present
Roman Abrate touring South America

Skater: Roman Abrate
Follow Roman at
Skates: USD VII skates, Kaltik frames, 60mm 88A Abrate Pro UC Wheels, Wicked Swiss bearings.
Filmers: Juan David Leon, Jose Joaquin, Bairon Martines, Antonio Navarro, Jose Bandav, Cristopher Ibanes, Arquimedes Gonzalez, Matias Veras, Bryan Mac Bride
Edit: Leo Rosello
Location: Peru, Chile, Bolivia & Panama

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Learn about UC Wheels here:
Roll faster with Wicked here:


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