SoFlo CollectiveSafe Journey – Heatwave 2013
from SoFlo Collective on 2 Sep 2013

Starting off the first of the Heatwave Series from Soflo is Safe Journey.

For our first Heatwave, we could think none other better than our brother Safe Journey. Safe has been a staple part of the SoFlo crew since its inception. His trick selection and attention to detail are spot on. Oh, and did we mention he’s 32? And he’s got no signs of letting up. So watch Safe shred in our main segment “Heatwave”.

Edited By: George Holmquist
Filmers: George Holmquist, Kenrick Chiocca, Justin Finley, Jon Fromm, Danny Mejia, Rob Squire, Matt Genna

Music By: Knokz – “Show em what you made of”