Tom MoyseSam Crofts The Battle. The Story Behind Huge Rollerblading Tricks
from Tom Moyse on 30 May 2023

Find out the full story of Sam Crofts huge ender trick, in his stunt filled rollerblading edit TUNE IN.Huge thank you to for helping make this happen. Use MOYSE at check out to get 10% off.You can support me and help make more videos like this by:Grabbing new merchandise: a member: joining the Patreon image: Tom SharmanSam Crofts is a professional rollerblader well known for big tricks. In his USD Skates edit for pro model Aeon skate “Tune In” Sam can bee seen skating the iconic St. Pauls in London.This was a big trick not done on rollerblades before that was a real battle, taking a number of goes over two visits, spread across 4 month due to a slam.Sam gives insight into his history with the spot, tricks he’s done before, why he wanted to do this trick, the process of getting it done, the mental and physical battle with all the highs and lows.We also hear from Jon Lee who filmed and edited the section, plus Joe Spray who was on the second angles. We get a witness account from fellow rollerblader James Bower and insights into Sam’s skating and St.Pauls from Leon Humphries.Who would you like to me to cover next?00:00 The Scariest Trick00:21 Sam Crofts rollerblading – words from Jon Le, Joe Spray, Jame Bower, Leon Humphries00:56 Iconic skate spot St.Pauls London and Sam Crofts inline history01:50 Crofts first original rollerblading trick03:01 Wanting to do a new skate trick at St.Pauls03:36 Oli Short Face the Music04:32 The first visit January 202205:16 Layered up and the layout of the spot and warm up to the trick06:27 How to film rollerblading tricks with Jon Lee and Joe Spray07:29 The first attempts at the trick08:27 Bail09:06 Giving it another go09:40 Why no wax10:04 Next attempts and bails10:31 Full speed at this trick11:21 Injured11:53 Hospital and 4 Months of recovery12:28 Visit 2 May 202213:04 Confident First attempt13:30 Different run up to the tricks – What was I thinking?14:33 Once you start there is no way out – blind trick15:40 Missing tricks16:23 New run up – so close – frustration 17:08 Landing the trick18:16 Anymore rollerblading tricks at St.Pauls for Sam Crofts?19:04 Thank youSpotty DogSam Crofts – Tune In – USD Skates SKATES would to thank Sam Crofts, Jon Lee and Joe Spray for all their footage and insights. It was an absolute pleasure finding out more about this trick and everything that went into it. You’re all absolute legends. Thank you James Bower for some top quality gold quotes on this one. Your insights were invaluable. Thank you Leon Humphries for speaking articulately about Sam and st.Paul’s.Cheer to Sam Butt sorry I couldn’t work out were to put your insights on this one.Special thank you to Sam Currie (MUZZLE) for listening to my tangents about all the things I want to do and making me believe and I can do them. Plus helping me make them happen.