Scott Quinn Discusses His Elite Series Section (

Scott Quinn Discusses His Elite Series Section
from on 24 Nov 2017

Jonas Hansson recently released the third installment of his single profile blading project Elite Series and the latest central figure is Scotland’s Scott Quinn, following Josh Glowicki’s rampage around the steep hills and unintentional epic transitions of Malaga and Eugen Enin’s ten-day massacre of Copenhagen’s extensive street spots. Quinny’s also takes place in Copenhagen, his new home for the past year, and makes good use of the varied and interesting architecture the city has to offer. The great style and huge trick selection that saw him rise to the top of the Razors pro team and receive his first signature skate in 2015 can be witnessed on such spectacular settings as massive waterfront chrome drop rails, large stair sets that lead into suspiciously convenient banks, flawlessly smooth ledge line spots and city centre sculptures doubling up as unwitting drop-ins. It is an interesting mixture of well-thought out lines, traditional stunts that are rarely attempted these days and a couple of surprises that may well have never been done before. The level of production Jonas Hansson has achieved has more in common with an expensive car commercial than a traditional rollerblading video. All the elements of each trick, such as the […]

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