Scribe IndustriesScribe Industries – Tim Franken Pro Wheel Profile V1
from Scribe Industries on 31 May 2014

Tim Franken is a beast, plain and simple. Where ever Tim lurks, people follow, and where ever Tim blades, people progress. He has become a new staple out in California, and a sheer force to reckon with in any contest or competition. When Tim was introduced on Scribe in 2010-2011, I immediately knew he would one day be rocking his own pro wheel and being added to the list of professional rollerbladers deserving enough for a signature product.

Please support Tim Franken and Scribe Industries by purchasing his v1 pro wheel at any rollerblade shop locations or visit to purchase!

Filming by: Sam DeAngelis & Daniel Fabiano
Editing by: Pigeoto Films