Seis De Bastos – Brian Bina (

Seis De Bastos – Brian Bina
from on 9 Sep 2017

Arguably one of the finest sections from Marc Moreno’s Seis De Bastos is now online and it belongs to international blading vagabond man of mystery Brian Bina. Brian Bina’s sections in Haitian’s Lost Tapes and Reincarnation are both epic in terms of spot selection, trick choice and the sheer monumental elements of some of the spots he has conquered, and this section from Seis De Bastos certainly has its place alongside those previous achievements. Also, the guy is like Carmen Sandiego – you never know which country he is going to appear in next! The video was filmed and edited by Marc Moreno. Watch more sections from Seis De Bastos HERE. Watch more videos of Brian Bina HERE. Brian Bina – SEIS DE BASTOS from Seis de bastos on Vimeo.

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