Shift Content – A Razors Skate Co Thing (

Shift Content – A Razors Skate Co Thing
from on 20 Sep 2017

Razors continue their Shift promotion with a lengthy collection of footage filmed exclusively on iPhones – other phone brands are available. This is definitely going to divide opinion. On the one hand, it’s 30 minutes of free blading content featuring a wide variety of skaters in a current blading climate of people trying to charge money for every video they create. On the other hand, phone footage quality isn’t always the best and the blurred focus and massive vignettes frequently take away from the actual blading itself. Another element that is bound to play a factor in your enjoyment of this video is whether or not you are into the standard definition VX vibe or whether you like your footage to be ultra HD and super clean. One thing is for certain; the mini Brian Weis section at the end was VERY enjoyable. Speaking of Brian Weis, check out his Wheel Scene Selects section HERE. Read our interview with Brian Weis HERE.

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