BenSideshow Rodeo – full skate movie
from Ben on 4 Jan 2023

Released in 2010. Directed by Jamie Olmstead.From the DVD cover:Sideshow Rodeo is truly a one of a kind video produced by Be-mag and directed and edited by FootageTape’s Jamie Olmstead.David Sizemore, Michael Braud, and Adam Ehalt headline the video with jaw dropping sections. There are 3 themed sections in the video. One which features only tricks that involve a skateboard in some way. One which features Adam Ehalt throwing down hammers in a pair of custom made “toe blades”. The finale section revolves around fire which is bound to turn the heads of not just rollerbladers, but anybody who happens to catch it.Peppered out through the montages you can also find Julian Bah, Kevin Dowling, Nils Jansons, Mason Richard, Carson Starnes, Chris Smith, Thomas Martin, and Matt Jones laying down the law! Sideshow Rodeo is a project that set out to accomplish things that had never been done before in rollerblading, and it succeeded. It is a true spectacle with immense replay value. Enjoy the show!