SkatefreshAshaSkate with Asha in Roeselare, Belgium 21-23 April 2023; Stops, Slide, Stride, Downhill, Wizard.
from SkatefreshAsha on 10 Apr 2023

Please share this in your European groups if you think anyone might be interested. Thank you.Check out ALL the Belgium workshop details and discounts here; are no more spaces left on Backwards & Transitions but still places on the other 5;Stops & Slides 1Stops & Slides 2Downhill SlopesFitness & StrideWizard SkatingI had the pleasure of attending Asha’s skating workshops in Melbourne and her way of teaching “the Skatefresh method” is unlike anything else. Even seasoned skaters at the workshops have gained new knowledge and I’ve unlocked stopping methods that were previously alien to me! Totally worth every minute and the skills gained will be invaluable for years to come. – Zeno Kobica – Google ReviewThe Tax covered venue in Roeselare, was an old train shed and with its polished concrete floor it’s the ideal setting for 2 days of classes & fun. Lunches organised at the venue, close skate to town, optional street skate on Friday 21st around the town and surrounding areas with Steven our host from @iskate.beI stay at the Park Hotel. Very nice and fabulous breakfast! 3 mins skate to the venue.Hope you can find a way to join me and pick off your 2023 season with a bang! This will set you up for the whole summer season with the right exercise progressions to practice to gain all the skills on your wish list.Do yourself a favour and book classes with Asha. You will not regret it! It was the best money I’ve spent on skating lessons. I’ve gone to so many classes over the years but I learned more with Asha in two hours than years of weekly lessons. Asha really wants us to skate our absolute best! She will provide all her knowledge and expertise to teach you the correct way of skating. If I lived in the UK or Europe I’d definitely invest in lessons with Asha.Elaine OBrien, Melbourne Australia – Google Review