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ThisissoulSkatelesson subscriptions for kids
from Thisissoul on 24 Feb 2019

There are regular sports like Football and Tennis etc,
but if you really want to do something fun, then go skating!

Skating doesn’t come easy however.
you will need to practice allot!
Fortunately it isn’t rocket science, because we figured out how we can help you with the process.

Practice makes perfect and skating allot will make you go from a Bambi to a superman!
There are some critical things though that i often see untrained people doing wrong.

With a Thisissoul Academy subscription we will help you to learn skating the right way,
from step 0 to 1000

We always start off with the basics, so it doesnt matter if you have never skated before, or if you are already as good as Pascal Tan.
There is always a trick on your horizon that we can help you with.

You will learn to fall, and to get up again, Look at your surroundings in a totally different way and also to get the best out or yourself.

There are 3 lessons seasons, spring, summer and fall.
Unfortunately in the winter we have to take a little break because of the dutch weather.
After each of these seasons we host an event on the Olympiaplein skatepark where me and my colleges judge the students to see if they are worthy of our certificate.
There are 3 different certificate levels each having different goals for you to achieve.
You will learn tricks like jumping, dropping in the quarter, riding backwards and grinding.

If you somehow do not have the time to attend our weakly lessons, or you are the type of person that wants to train with us even more!
Tthen you can also join our skatekamp, our roadtrips or book us for your birthday party!

You can start attending all these lessons from the age of 7

It is possible to rent skates, but if you are serious about learning, we highly recommend you to get a pair of your own.

Our goal is to offer weekly lessons like this everywhere in the country.
All current locations are listed on our website.
But, if your favorite skatepark is not mentioned there yet,
then just get a small group of friends together and write us an email.

To register, you can simply browse our list of locations and pay online. all the info you need should be right there.
If you have any questions, then do not hesitate to send me a PM, DM, Whatsapp message or an email.

So lets boost those skills!

See you at the skatepark!

More info about our skatelessons

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