Flower She RollsSkating tutorial! How to RoyaleBackside and Frontside technique.
from Flower She Rolls on 8 Sep 2022

Ive been spelling Royale, Royal So theres that. LearninggggDo you feel this video helps a bit more than Steeze N Stalls? I hope the wheels beneath you are starting to merg with your feet. Thanks for sticking with me this week and Ill be seeing you again Tuesday! I cant wait! But as always, The point of power is always in the present moment. So that being said Right now. Get it.I love you,Filmed and edited by, @manwithpogo-Dalton Smith Quote by: Louise HayAlso, if you woulddd, please share this video with anyone you know who is just starting their journey on skates! Orrr anyone you know who could use a little motivation to keep moving. Im grateful to spend time with you during each week to strengthen our human. One expanding love