Montre Livingston“SOLO” by, Montre Livingston
from Montre Livingston on 15 Jan 2023

What up world, your Friendly Neighborhood Rollerblader here with another awesome video! This is SOLO!SOLO is a skate video made by, me of me with me being the filmer and editor. This project took about 3 months or more to complete. I thought of making this project as I skate alone a lot more than skating with others. This isn’t because I like to skate alone but, because my skater friends and I have different schedules and hardly get to sesh with one another. I filmed with a GoPro Hero 7, a Nikon CoolPix B600, and a Insta360 (the first version) I did all the editing on my phone.I had a ton of fun making this video and hope you all dig it.Big thanks to all that purchased the download last year.Cheers and happy shredding folks!!!This is not an instruction video. The stunts performed were done by a professional and should not be attempted unless under the supervision of a professional.Always wear your protective gear!