Epic GrindshoesSonic the Hedgehog custom grindshoes & Epic Grindshoes giveaway!
from Epic Grindshoes on 9 Jan 2023

What up world, your new favorite artist, https://instagram.com/art_by_tre has teamed up with EPIC Grindshoes to create a unique and dope custom pair of Sonic The Hedgehog fan art grindshoes!The inspiration comes from tons of comments by customers and fans suggesting that the shoes reminded them of the iconic Sonic Adventure video game where our favorite speedster has been equipped with a pair of red white and gold shoes that allow him to slide freely and super fast on obstacles such as rails!With the hype around the new releases of EPIC Grindshoes(Cloud, Lava and Raven), we knew that it was time to collab and make your wishes come true.So, Get your snacks and settle in to watch this EPIC transformation!Contest GIVEAWAY Instructions:Want to win a free pair of EPIC Grindshoes in your size? Watch the full video and follow these simple instructions and you could be our winner!SUBSCRIBE to both EPIC Grindshoes (@EpicGrindshoes) and Montre Livingston (@TBSAD666) here on YouTubeVIDEO COMMENT, How many tries did it take me to make the golf putter shot? (Hint: not all shots were in the video)CORRECT ANSWER wins a free pair of EPIC Grindshoes to be shipped to them in their size.(Not customized)BONUS POINTS- Follow https://instagram.com/epicgrindshoes and https://instagram.com/art_by_tre on Instagram and leave a comment on their collab post of your favorite version of the Sonic video games.Contest ends Jan 20th.Winner will be contacted directly to receive information about their prize.Ok folks, happy guessing and happy shredding, cheers!!!All the footage was filmed on the all new GOPRO 11.