Staying FIT with Tre Episode 1 (Montre Livingston)

Montre LivingstonStaying FIT with Tre Episode 1
from Montre Livingston on 21 Dec 2019

What’s up world. Your Friendly Neighborhood Rollerblader here with some new content.
I’ve been asked countless times by fans and friends from all over, How I Stay Fit so, I decided to just make some short videos showing you all a few of the exercises i do to keep in shape. Thses are workouts that I’ve learned from many different sources. Some you may know, some may be new but, they all are good for all ages I’d say. Keeping up with our bodies is important especially for us that do extreme sports. Many more and different episodes to come. All will show various excercises that I find convenient for extreme sports athletes. Hope you all dig this and dont forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and of course SUBSCRIBE.

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