Steal This Video – Razors || 2002 – Full DVD (VamPRI Weaver)

VamPRI WeaverSteal This Video – Razors || 2002 – Full DVD
from VamPRI Weaver on 24 Nov 2014

Charles Dunkle, Colin Kelso, Dustin Halleran, Micah Yeager, Tory Treseder, Damien Wilson, Sean Kelso, Jeff Stockwell, Jason Howard, Mike Johnson, Josh Amacher, Dre Powell, Kevin Dowling, Frazer Watson, Bill O’’Neil, Jon Elliott, Brian Shima, Eric Perkett, Dustin Jones, Iain McLeod, Mike French, Boschi Pope, Alex Nunez, Aiden Charles, Mike Albritton, Omar Wysong.

Intro: Yeah Yeah Yeah – Miles Away
Sean Kelso: The Faint – Agenda Suicide
Micah Yeager: David Bowie – Moonage Daydream
Dustin Jones/Eric Perkett/Tory Treseder/Mike French: Iggy Pop and the Stooges – Be Your Dog
Tory Treseder: The Natural History – Telling Lies Will Get You Nowhere
Damien Wilson: Swollen Members (Rob the Viking) – Reflection
Colin Kelso: Alkaline Trio – I Lied my Face Off
Jason Howard: Notorious B.I.G – Notorious Thugz
NYC: Ugly Duckling – I did it like this
Charles Dunkle: Neil Young – Southern Man
Jeff Stockwell: Modest Mouse – Edit the Sad Parts
Credits: Nirvana – Plateau


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