JADRollerVlogStreet Rollerblading Episode 50 JadRollerVlog
from JADRollerVlog on 9 May 2021

I decided to dip my feet back into the deep end of street aggressive inline. Man it is hard and sometimes scary. I love street but I’m not quite sure how much longer my 37.75 year old bones can handle a spill on a 16 stair handrail. These might seem like small tricks to the mass population of bladers. For me, there are big accomplishments in this video chasing the 20 year old version of myself. Don’t try anything you see in any of my videos ever. If you do, you do it at your own risk.Super huge special thanks to Long at OakCitySkate.comLong is my blading sensei and he has the best blade shop in the world!JadRollervlog on InstagramJadPhotoVideo.com