Subcultural Tourism in Barcelona – 2009 (Mark Heuss)

Mark HeussSubcultural Tourism in Barcelona – 2009
from Mark Heuss on 10 Jan 2016

Subcultural Tourism in Barcelona

In summer 2009 a group consisting of Dario Soller, Alex Rudolf, Camill Freiherr von und zu Egloffstein, Jens Küfner, Sebastian Hofer and myself travelled to Barcelona. After a few days, Mathias von Gostomski and Daniel Prell joined us to enjoy the best city in europe.
Intense trip, good times!

98,75 percent of the shots were taken by Sebastian Hofer. Slightly color corrected and changed in the original order by myself, hard job, i know 😉
Song is “Bloody Game” by Giana Factory.

Amusing additional info: I filmed all the time, but lost all of my footage the last but one day before we went back. So maybe editing this piece of hectic pace out of Cerveca Hofers pics was some kind of anger management. Life is good.

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