Summer in Moscow 2009 (Daniel Gourski)

Daniel GourskiSummer in Moscow 2009
from Daniel Gourski on 7 Sep 2009

Ye, finally i got my ass in front of the pc to ddit the footage weve filmed this summer during my moscow trip. That was definitly a great time! I never skated so much as in these last months. Every day Ares called me and asked what spot we gonna check today and actually it was really cool to skate with so many people and get into the russian rolling scene cus there are so many cool dudes. Ares is the coolest and funniest guy you can meet in rollerblading!A great filmer whos filming for his new video Motherland comin out January 10. Heres some footage wich will be also featured in his video.I love you all!

Edit by Daniel Gourski and Filming also by me and Andrej Kachaev (Ares), Additional: moo, Jerri, Nasty-n, Sllema
Moscow again.. very soon!

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