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Showreel 2021 – Compositing – 3D – Realtime (Claudio Antonelli)

Claudio AntonelliShowreel 2021 – Compositing – 3D – Realtime
from Claudio Antonelli on 14 Feb 2021

What do we have here….

It looks like a showreel, might also contain some breakdowns and some experiments on a LED Volume.
It also looks like the creator skipped a 2020 showreel which is a bit lame but understandable considering it was 2020.

Anyway, enjoy and hmu if you need to get stuff comped, rendered or put on a LED wall.

music from
Sarah Maison
CC License

Weihnachtssong – Breakdown (Claudio Antonelli)

Claudio AntonelliWeihnachtssong – Breakdown
from Claudio Antonelli on 30 Dec 2020

My family decided to record some christmas songs this year. And since i have access to a little LED wall, i made a little project out of it.
Time issues prevented a fully tracked environment and we went with a locked camera. I made an animated, looping plate and played it directly through Resolve, which gave me the option to finetune and match the grade to the foreground, while looking through the camera.

THxs01 Back on blades, and testing stuff. (Claudio Antonelli)

Claudio AntonelliTHxs01 Back on blades, and testing stuff.
from Claudio Antonelli on 7 Nov 2020

The pandemic and a back injury panned my 365 tricks plan and made blading feel like hell for weeks.

I am slowly getting better and i did use the time to make a soulframe for my Them 909’s.

So far i printed a pair for my XS shells and currently i try to skate them as much as possible. I did try to hit all the sweet spots i like on hardware and it feels very good so far.

#rebooting #diy #freewheeling #THxs01 #themskates #909 #rolling #homepark #coronasessions #3Dprinted #soulframes #soulframe #royales #galore

– Schalentiere – Making-of (Claudio Antonelli)

Claudio Antonelli– Schalentiere – Making-of
from Claudio Antonelli on 17 Oct 2020

Working on student projects is always very interesting. They are more raw and brave and usually have a fresh view on movies.

An android in disguise and it’s desire to touch liquid wax.
Also an opportunity to learn Xparticles.

Tracked with Nuke and Keentools Objecttracker.
Modeling, simulation, lighting and rendering in cinema4d with Xparticles and Octane.
Compositing in Nuke

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