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Sad Disco Girlz – Breakdowns (Claudio Antonelli)

Claudio AntonelliSad Disco Girlz – Breakdowns
from Claudio Antonelli on 4 Jun 2018

A few breakdowns of a selection of shots i did for the Music Video “Sad Disco Girlz”

The work involved a lot of tracking, retouching, gunshots, blood and a complete Jungle to blow up.
All a bit over the top.

Tools used were Nuke, C4d, Octane Render, Geotracker, Laubwerk and others.

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Breakdown – ES5 – “Airplane” (Claudio Antonelli)

Claudio AntonelliBreakdown – ES5 – “Airplane”
from Claudio Antonelli on 3 Mar 2018

For the fifth installment of the Elite Series VOD’s i made a bunch of invisible and visible Effects. Most of them are hiding casual in the background as
little presents for people who watch the Videos closely. That one here is a bit more in your face. I got that nice Shot between these buildings
and i really felt like we would need something happen there.
So i did track the Footage, extracted a camera and put an airplane into the shot. Some motionblur and fake shadows make the integration complete.

Software used: C4d and Nuke.
Audio is take from the original Teaser.

VOD: https://sellfy.com/p/y8Yk/

Teaser : https://vimeo.com/257949554

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ST0 Prototype testing (Claudio Antonelli)

Claudio AntonelliST0 Prototype testing
from Claudio Antonelli on 5 Jan 2018

I did work on that idea for a long time.
Creating a Soulplate for a Salomon boot that needs no modifications on the boot itself.
These things getting more rare everyday.

Right now i skate 3D-printed prototypes for size 40 (US 7/UK 6.5) and they hold up pretty well in the park.
The final goal is to mill these from some UMHW blocks as soon as the shape fits my expections.

As soon as i have working prototypes, i will open-source the whole Projects and leave it to the community,
to develop it further, adapt it to every shellsize and make the designs however you guys want.
With some basic 3D modeling knowledge and access to a 3D printer, you’ll get far.
And since “home 3D printing/milling” is the future for replacement parts anyway, why not start early 😉


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Concept art “Steady” (Claudio Antonelli)

Claudio AntonelliConcept art “Steady”
from Claudio Antonelli on 13 Dec 2017

Work in progress.
I did not read into centrifugal gravity yet, i guess that thing is spinning too fast.
Any input?

C4d + Octane + Nuke

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Grafik17 – Room (Claudio Antonelli)

Claudio AntonelliGrafik17 – Room
from Claudio Antonelli on 9 Nov 2017

A quick livedemo we made at the Grafik17.

Filmed with a smartphone
tracked in Nuke
Letters painted in VR – Gravity Sketch
Positon and render in C4d and Octane
Final comp in Nuke


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